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Announcing the Release of Effectopedia

The Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the International QSAR Foundation are pleased to announce the alpha version of Effectopedia, the online encyclopedia and graphical editor for adverse outcome pathways (AOPs). This open source and free software is designed to fill the last remaining gap in the use of QSAR to estimate adverse effects of chemicals without additional animal testing. Click on the Effectopedia banner for more information on how you can participate in the evaluation and development of AOPs for chemical safety in the environment, food and household products.
Hristo Aladjov and Gilman Veith

Mission Vision and Goals


The IQF vision is to significantly reduce the use of animal tests without loss of public safety


Our mission is to develop computerized tools as alternatives to animal testing in order to decrease our reliance on animal tests in regulation, research and education.


The goal of this volunteer research organization is to develop and promote new technology that eliminates the last major gap in predictive toxicology and the QSAR Toolbox . The remaining technological challenge is the prediction of long-term adverse target organ effects that require a novel integration of QSAR models and biological response models.  The International QSAR Foundation is developing Effectopedia to accomplish model integration.

Last Updated (Thursday, 02 May 2013 05:49)