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Peer Consultations On Existing Technology, February 21-23, 2006

CATABOL is QSAR approach to modelling the biodegradability of chemicals by mixed microbial populations, and to identify potential degradation products. Although a microbial test for ready-degradation does not involve animal tests, microbial degradation is an important parameter in setting priorities for further testing in many countries. In the process called PBT analysis, the chemical is evaluated for Persistence, Bioaccumulation and Toxicity in that order; and having a reliable CATABOL to eliminate the readily degradable chemicals from further testing is important. Moreover, environmental regulations in several countries require further testing if a stable degradation product is formed. Since CATABOL has the capability of predicting both pieces of information, IQF hosted a workshop of regulators and experts from industry and academia to conduct a peer consultation of CATABOL.

Catabol Agenda 95KB

Panelists from the workshop 102KB

Consultation report and slides will be available online soon.
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