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McKim Conference 2006, The Role of Aquatic Toxicology in Risk Assessment,Duluth MN, June 27-29, 2006

This annual conference in Duluth, Minnesota, will link QSAR models and advanced animal extrapolation models to extend existing animal test databases to hundreds of untested chemicals, to other animal species, and to different toxicity endpoints. The McKim Conference invites a small group of experts to discuss the major gaps in toxicological models and outline experimental approaches to bridge those gaps. The McKim Conference offers an opportunity for other researchers to observe and participate in the discussion. In addition, the McKim Conference seeks to stimulate student research by highlighting innovative student research projects in QSAR and toxicological modeling.

The 2006 McKim Conference will be held on June 27-29 at the U.S. EPA conference facilities in Duluth Minnesota. The agenda and registration materials are provided.


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